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At Phone Repair Guy, we sell a wide variety of new and used Unlocked Phones. Top Brands… such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and more! Unlocked phones will work with most compatible carriers using the GSM network. You can buy with confidence, knowing that the Phone Repair Guy will ensure the phone is 100% working and in excellent condition. We will even help you set it up, insert your SIM and test the phone before you leave our store, so you can use it right away!

Additionally, we offer prepaid phone services as low as $25/month. If you are in need of a phone and a reliable service to stay connected with your friends and loved ones, visit Phone Repair Guy today! With our wide selections of phones to choose from and our affordable prepaid plans, we will help you get connected in no time. The benefit of a prepaid phone service is that it guarantees no overages or bill surprises. You can always expect to pay the same amount each month.

Whether you are looking to change your phone, buy a backup phone, purchase a phone for a loved one or if you are in the market for a new phone service, stop by at Phone Repair Guy. We don’t just repair phones, we sell them too! Moreover, we have a huge selection of accessories, such as Chargers, Cases, Screen Protectors and more.

We are your one-stop shop for all of your phone needs!

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Established since 1999 from the days of the beepers we have experience not only with new electronic devices but with old ones as well.

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